Conditions of Membership

As WWI is not quite like other time periods in reenacting, we need to point out some conditions. Al members participating in combat must be men who will be at least 18 years old by the time of their first combat event -- this is NOT negotiable. It's not like the old days. The GWA owns its own site and safety is even MORE important than ever. We're sorry, but young people are just NOT permitted. Use the time to build a good kit. Maybe come to a living hostory with us but, you cannot go inthe trenches at an event until you're 18.

There is no maximum age limit or specific physical requirements, except that a member must be in sufficient physical shape to scramble out of trenches, crawl under barbed wire and jump into shell craters, and they must be able to reasonably portray a soldier of the period. If you break your leag by tripping into a shell hole, if you weigh too much, how will we get you out? This is STRENUOUS stuff we do.

Uniforms and Equipment

Members must purchase their personal equipment and uniforms at their own expense. This can cost between $1000 to $1500 on up; however... saying this, J.R. 23 tries to assist new recruits in obtaining their kit... often by helping them to make many pieces of their uniform and equipment themselves. It CAN be cheaper, but you have to look and make yourself.


Yearly dues are $25 per year for J.R. 23. Dues for the Great War Association are another $25. per year with the battle fee per event is $25. – it's worth it! The GWA dues help pay for upkeep of the site and occasional improvements. On our side, we have a horse drawn wagon that goes back and forth behind the lins and to the parking lot, etc.


The members of J.R. 23 Living History Unit are not affiliated with any racist, radical or right wing political movement especially and including the neo-Nazi movement. We are students of Military Science, not Political Science. The sole intention of this page is to inform an individual who expresses an interest, in the recreation of a time in history; to which end we do our best.

Thank You!  

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