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Application for membership



City:___________________________________ State:_______ Zip: ___________

Phone #: ___________ Other phone #: ___________

E-mail address:___________________________________

Date of birth: ___________ Height: ___ Weight: _____

Prior military experience:______________________________________________________

Briefly describe your interest in miltiary history/reenacting and why you want to join IR23:




Please list any technical expertise or special qualifications you may have which would be of use in IR23, i.e. leather working experience, gunsmithing, tailoring skills, translating abilities, combat experience, etc.:




Preferred Reenactment Type:

  • Battle Reenactments (busting caps)
  • Tactical Battles
  • History of WWI in General
  • Living History
  • Public Demos/Displays
  • (Other)

German Level:

Please give us a general idea of your level of German. Also, be honest--about your language level, this is not a competition--we are simply trying to get a handle on whether we can spit out German commands at you and have you understand. It's not so fun for you if we cause your eyes to glaze over and little puffs of smoke to start coming out of your ears ;-Þ.


  • Basic (some travel, etc.)
  • Minimal Schooling (High School Level)
  • University Level (1 year)
  • University Level (2 years)
  • University Level (3 years)
  • Lived in Germany (Good)
  • Lived There (Fluent)
  • Native

I affirm that I am not a member of, nor do I embrace any of the beliefs of, any radical or subversive group whose aims include the violent overthrow of the United States Constitution.


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