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This page contains links to many good sites that I have found on the 'Net [And of course, as usual on the 'Net, some are out of date... look for me to try and fix that]. They are also in no particular order. Look for us to have more quality links soon, and if you have a cool link related to WWI or German stuff that you'd like to see here, please contact me at: rudiweiss@ir23.org

. I hope you will explore these sites and find them as interesting as I have --Marsh Wise

Other Good German Units and Organiztions (in Germany):

Darstellungsgruppe Süddeutsches Militär 1870- 1918 e.V. (Deutschland) -- They have Bavarian, Württemberg, Prussian and Hessian impressions from different units. Also on the website some pictures of original stuff ("unter der Lupe"), some uniform pics from different years ("Uniformen") and some essays about different themes around 1870- 1918 ("Ich war Soldat").Unfortunately the site is only in German and French right now.

Infanterieregiment 30 "Graf Werder" (Deutschland) -- This group portrays a complete section of this Regiment between 1864 and 1895, mainly wearing the blue peacetime uniform. These guys are very good and authentic!

WW1 Reenacting:

Great War Association -- Based at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site in Newville, Pennsylvania, the GWA is the East Coast's umbrella organization for Great War reenacting. The GWA hosts two (possibly going to three) annual combat reenactment weekends each year. The GWA actually owns its own battle site. This site is designed complete with trenches, underground bunkers, shell holes and machine gun nests.

The GWA has many different units from all sides. There are numerous Allied units: American, British and French along with their allies such as the Russians and Commonwealth Troops. The Central Powers consist of a number of German units and one Austrio-Hungarian unit.

Great War Historical Society (Western and California USA) -- The West Coast Great War organization -- Sphere of operations: WW1 on the Western Front, 1914-1918. These guys hold events similar to the GWA's. The GWHS holds two events a year also, set up so as NOT to conflict with the GWA's events. Dues are $20 a year. Flash: it appears they have another new battlefield!!!

The Great War Aeroplanes Association (USA) -- We are enthusiasts of World War I era aeroplanes. Of any scale. If you would rather watch a World War I aeroplane fly straight and level than a Pitts do a complete aerobatic routine, then you are one of us. If a plane looks naked to you because it doesn't have guns, then you've come to the right place. If you hold services at the flying field every April 21st, then we're your group. (This last example is a little bit of a stretch, but you get the point).

Our intention is not to show you how to build an airplane, that's what the EAA and AMA are for. We are not going to be historians, either. World War I Aeroplanes, Over The Front, and Cross And Cockade are already established for that purpose. (And I strongly recommend membership in these organizations). We want to bring people together who share this passion. We want you to be a regular feature in our newsletter.

Western Front Association--The WFA is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of the Great War. They have a great website for WWI history, and (which is why they're here) they also organize living history events in Europe.

Other W.W.I Historical Research Sites:

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Deutschlands letzter Kaiser; 1888-1918 -- A very good site about history, especially our beloved emperor Wilhelm II! For the advanced german speaker - but very good, true essays - not the liberal revisionism you can read everywhere else over there...

Three Days on the Isonzo -- This is a page about a real-life experience on the Izonso Front, written by an Austrian soldier. READ IT, it is anally-puckering (as nice as one can get over what you will read here). It truly recounts the HORROR of WWI.

Ernst Jünger in Cyberspace Mark iv --An introduction to the life and works of Ernst Jünger, 1895-1998, together with bibliographies and some critical perspectives. It has some really good info on Jünger, the last winner of the Pour le Merité.
World War I - Trenches on the Web -- Lots of great articles on many different WWI subjects. Don't miss it!
The Heritage of the Great War (De Erfenis van de Groote Oorlog): The Heritage of the Great War is dedicated to the aftermath and consequences of World War One. We put some emphasis on unorthodox points of view. Furthermore this site features one of the most extensive WW-1 picture- collections on the Internet.
The Heritage of the Great War
The Kaiser Wilhelm page (from Trenches on the Web):

Kaiser's Bunker ArtKaiser's Bunker --A large collection of artifacts from Imperial Germany 1860 to 1918, including Pickelhauben (Spiked Helmets), tunics and caps. Similar categories include the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) 1914 to 1919, and the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) 1914 to 1918.

Germany or Silesia-Related Historical Sites, and Reenacting sites

City of Nysa - homepage --Home page for the Polish city of Nysa, what the Poles call Neiße, our unit's home city.
6000 Volkslieder: German and other Folksongs --Frank Petersohn's EXCELLENT web page--he has zillions of German folk songs and marching songs, not only the lyrics, but in many cases, there are MIDI files to go along with them. For sure, check it out!!
reenactor.Net, the WORLDWIDE online home of reenacting

reenactor Net: THE biggie in reenacting. Links to all periods of reenacting history. http://www.reenactor.net/

Militaria/ Collecting Sites:

Great War Militaria -- The name says it all! GWM is THE store for WWI stuff. They mostly concentrate on original items. If you get a chance, go to their store as it is well-worth it!
Australian Militaria For Sale --

Firearms/ Collecting Sites:

NRA.org (National Rifle Association) Home Page --No idiot, it's not a political site. If you own a gun, then you should be a member -- they do SO MUCH for gun owners! Don't be a putz... join the NRA... or should we put it this way, how fun would reenacting be without guns?
Ellison's Military Rifles --
rec.guns FAQ Home Page - This is a great collection of information on US gun laws, and firearms in general. --

Great Vendors:

Hessen Antique is a small family owned business specializing in original and reproduction 20th century European and American militaria. We carry a full line of quality reproduction WWI Imperial German headgear and uniforms. Our German visor caps are the most authentic and high quality caps available. available at competitive prices.

Lost Battalions--Lost Battalions is the maker of unparalleled reproduction WWI uniforms. From their excellent patterns, to their custom-made wool, Lost Battalions provides their customers with outstanding service. As I myself have a Lost Battalions uniform, I can vouch for their quality!

Brandenburg Historica: Their specialty is reference books and historical music for the reenactor. Without a doubt, if you're interested in the history of the time, Brandenburg is the place for you. I can personally attest to the quality of their stuff, having bought quite a few of their albums.

Airdrome Aeroplanes--Okay, this in not really a reenacting organization. Rather, it's a place you can buy kits to build your very own 3/4 scale World War I fighter plane. Still pretty cool!

Just Cool Links:

My favourite beer: Budvar Budweiser!--The TRUE King of Beers! We can NOW get it here! It's marketed under the name "Czechvar" and it's the same old good stuff... I just get pissy about the name. Anyway, check them out!

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