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Wow! Credits for this site...

Where to start? First, there are two of us: Glen Dresback (Gerhard Dreisbach) and Marsh Wise (Rudi Weiß). If it smacks of knowledge or research into the 23rd, most likely Glen wrote it... he's good at that kind of stuff. General knowledge or layout, for the most part, Marsh did that. Plus some writing. Basically this was two web sites merged together along with the knowledge of two units :-)

I would like to thank a few people for their help on this site. Without their help, this website would be NO WHERE as good as it is. The late Dr. Donald Crosby, HerrnJohn Pace and Herrn Fritz Hoffmann especially, have helped in a major manner on this site. Helping with the navigation on this site will probably be the cause of Herrn Hoffmann's hair turning white in frustration. Herrn Oberstleutnant Nikolaus Bachmeier has been an inspiration and faithful "bug-finder"--making the site that much more accurate and working well.

Ehrentafel die J.R. 23 Seite

  • Herrn Gerhard Dreisbach for ALL his awesome research and support!
  • Frank Petersohn for allowing me to use midi files from his site: 6000 Volkslieder.
  • Herr Doktor Crosby!I cannot emphasize enough my "German Father," the late Dr. Donald Crosby! Without the good doctor, I would be nowhere in understanding and speaking the German language. although a Bayern at heart, he was the stern Prussian drillmaster—forcing and cajoling me to learn the language, to better myself, to do better. I am proud to have had this adventurer of the world as a friend and mentor!
    Vielen Dank Herr Doktor!

    Undoubtably, I have forgotten many other contributers, but I will get to them as soon as my feeble memory allows it.

Thank you, all of you... Rudi Weiß

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