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  • IX.22.2018—Making things go mobile. At least starting. What a pain. Ugh. More hours of work, but SOOOOOO needed.
  • II.16—Major site update for structure, appearance and to fix naviagation and readibility. Thanks to John Pace and Fritz Hoffmann for their kind help!
  • 3.XII.12—Fixed many things. Added photos. Tweaked.
  • 2.XII.12—More updating. Error fixes. Relay banner to fill page, but not be so tall. Boring, admin things. Tweaks, etc. More to come.
  • 27.XI.12—Did some updating. New NavBar, a bit new look. As usual, if you see an error, let us know.
  • 21.IV.08—Added some new info, tweaked art, such as r.Net's banner and added some pix.
  • 6.V.06—Ack, the whole site is new!! Well, okay, it's a melding of a couple of sites from different units. Marsh's old ones, melded with Glen Dresback's old J.R. 23 site. Yeah, we are working on making things better and easier to find. Also, we are going to commence a new recruiting drive soon, so if you've ever wanted to reenact the Great War, now is the time!

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