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Purposes of Our Organization

The recreated first company of J.R. 23 is primarily a means for individuals who share an interest in WWI history to join together in learning about the everyday life of the common infantryman of the Imperial German Army in 1914-1918. A major part of this learning process takes place at WWI living history events through experiencing, as much as is practically possible, aspects of the German soldier's life during the "Great War."

There are many recreated WWI units whose members come together for a variety of reasons. Our goal is provide the best experience we possibly can for our members at WWI living history events; to provide activities that are interesting, educational, and entertaining, to attempt to accurately and respectfully represent people from another time and place who struggled and sacrificed for something they believed in, and to foster among ourselves a sense of connection with the past.

A Social Function

J.R. 23 has a social function as well: to create a sense of Kameradschaft (comradeship)--something that is often difficult to find in our highly individualized present-day society. This Kameradschaft is built upon our shared interests and experiences, and the pride that we take in trying to do something as well as we possibly can.

When possible, members of J.R. 23 are also encouraged to share with others-school groups, fellow collectors and historians, and the general public -- their growing knowledge of WWI, and insights they may be gaining into the life, times, and motivations of the common Imperial German soldier. This goal, however, is secondary to learning more for ourselves, and providing our members with the best possible experience at WWI living history events. 

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