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Time Requirements

There are normally two major battle reenactments a year (one in April and one in November) along with a few smaller events, such as Living History events.

The unit also has work parties at different times to do Bunker, trench and bunker work. Work parties can also have social componants and even some training. We aren't all rich and so need to do things ourselves. Doing work at the events is counter-productive and really, WHO wants to do manual labor at an event you are PAYING to attend. Think of it this way: how else do you think the trenches will get cleaned and in shape? We all have to kick in and help. Obviously, if you live crazy far away, it will be rare for you to attend.

Work parties consist of either:

  • Bunker Work Parties
  • Trench Work Parties, Equipment-Making Parties
  • Ordnance Parties.
At Bunker Work Parties, we go out and work on the Bunker. These are to be scheduled a couple of times a year.
At Trench Work Parties, we go out and work on our section of the trenchline–something that requires some work to keep it up. We don't expect you EVERY weekend. We don't expect you EVERY month, but 1-2 times a year, we hold these.

Here's how deep we want to build our Bunker... :-Þ

At Equipment-Making Parties, we make uniforms and personal equipment to help new members get outfitted. It also helps older members to repair and replace their equipment.
Ordnance Parties are where we build/reload grenade simulators and mortar rounds.

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