From the collection of G.Dresback, J.R.23

The cover of one of the many original manuals that the 23rd regiment uses for training, research, and study of the German and Prussian army of the First World War. This is the cover of Transfeldt's Service Instructions for the German Infantry, published in first year of the war. It contains drill, uniform regulations, how to pack packs, how to display your footlocker in the barracks, duties of the soldat, and more. There was a large industry of self-help and private manuals published in Germany during the war, and the Government published a manual on almost everything!!!!

Part of the fun of Reenacting and Living History, of course, is the collection and use of these pieces of history!

A good place to look at scans of original manuals is at the website of our brother unit, IR63. Their webmaster, Fritz Hoffmann has gone to a lot of trouble to scan numerous documents and place them online for fellow enthusiasts ans students. Go here:

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