The Dunkelblau Uniform and Kokarden

In German, "Dunkelblau" not only refers to the color "dark blue" but also to all uniforms of any color worn prior to the introduction of the Feldgrau (Field grey) uniforms. This tradition stemmed from the necessity of dressing particular regiments and troops in colors, which would allow commanders to recognize their troops on the battlefield from a distance.

<<This artwork may be a little hard to read, but it is a page taken straight out of a period manual. On the top are the various cockades, or Korkades, worn by troops from the different states. Imperial Germany was really something of a confederation, with all the former small states retaining different levels of autonomy from the central government. These were worn on the field cap, or Feldütze, with a cockade of the national colors on top, (here shown in the top center) and a cockade of the state colors below. (the Prussian colors were black/white/black, shown at the far left of the top row)

Also shown at top left is the red cross armband, called here a “neutrality badge”.

At the bottom are the different company-colored bayonet knots, as discussed in the uniform page, as well as a selection of shooting prizes, or cords, below.

More Dunkelblau for Our Unit

Below is a montage put together by the very handy and irrepressible Herrn Hoffmann to show what the proper uniform would be for IR23, IR 62, IR63 and IR157

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