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Feldblusen o. Waffenrock

The Waffenrock or Feldbluse (called a “tunic” by collectors and most reenactors) is one of the most important parts of your impression—it’s what people see first and it greatly influences their opinion of you and the unit. Your tunic should be acquired first and with the utmost care. Note: These uniform jackets do not fit anything like a civilian suit or any current service uniform of any nation we know of. The following are the key fitting elements of the WWI German uniform: The overall length is long, the arm holes are small and the back is narrow. This gives the wearer the overall feeling of smallness in the arm and shoulder area and a form fitting feeling in the body. This feeling is commonly mistaken by reenactors as the jacket size being too small. This is because modern garments (with the exception of fine Italian or European suits) are no longer made to this form fitting method and no one is used to this feeling.

As we have seen in earlier articles, during the Great War there were three basic styles of tunics used by the German Army—the M.1907/10, the Transitional and the 1915 Bluse. Either the 1910, 1915 or Transitional patterns are acceptable for use in Inf.Rgt. 23. Each must exhibit the appropriate buttons and fastenings as well as numeral “23” shoulder boards with red slides, with proper Kompagnie buttons (#1 or #3 depending on your group).

Important note: DDR tunics, Swiss tunics, converted U.S. Marine Corps overcoats, Swedish tunics (converted or not) or careless reproductions (Replicators, etc.) of any kind will not be allowed. All reproduction tunics must match the cut, color and fabric type of the original issue. Again, if there is any doubt about what this entails, contact the Kompagnieführer for details before purchasing a tunic or attempting to make your own—this is SO important— don’t disregard this advice!!!

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