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M.1907 FeldflascheM.93 Feldflasche(Canteen)—The Germans used a number of canteens and most are authorized for use with our unit at events, but the ones you will usually see (and that are reproed) are the early war M.1907 screw-top Feldflasche and the M.1893 model Feldflasche. [Look for us to increase this page soon with a lot more info and photos].

There are MANY other models of German canteens, like Medical and Mountain types. There are glass bodies (rarer than an honest politician, but surprisingly tough when in a cover) and many typoes of cover and harnesses. No one really has papercloth nowadays, except Dan Wolff in California makes repro papercloth-looking straps.

What We Require

Either type must be complete with the proper pattern leather harness and cover. The cover may be made either of feldgrau wool, brown corduroy or ersatz papercloth. Medical Feldflasch are only to be used for medical impressions.

*Note: WWII canteens are unacceptable for use in the GWA (please see GWA uniform regs).

Replica M.1907 screw top Feldflaschen are allowed if they are of a correct pattern. Be careful as some repros are made of  some weird pot metal that corrodes badly no matter what you do...

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