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Patronentasche (Cartridge pouches)

(Patronentasche M.1909)—The M.1909 Cartridge Pouch is made of leather. It has three separate pockets, each holding 15 rounds of rifle ammunition attached to three separate stripper clips (Ladestreifen) with five rounds each, making a combined total of 45 rounds per pouch. On the back of the pouch there are loops through which the uniform belt slips and a ring into which the breadbag strap, or Tornister shoulder straps, may be hooked to help support the equipment worn on the belt. Normally, two pouches are worn, one on each side of the belt buckle, allowing the Soldat to carry 90 rounds of ammunition.

What We Require

How to Wear Pouches
with the Breadbag Strap

(see art here)
  1. Snap hooks on the breadbag strap hook into rings on the back of cartridge pouches.
  2. The breadbag strap passes behind the neck, under the collar of the Feldbluse to support the cartridge pouches.

Each member will wear two M.1909 Patronentasche of brown or black leather. The use of Peruvian issue pouches, which are similar to original WWI German issue, is allowed at this time; however, the use of Turkish pouches is only allowed to be used as a temporary measure (don’t get tricked into buying a set of Turkish pouches, besides which they reek of something real nasty.).

German WWII pattern pouches are not acceptable at all for WWI infantry use.

Reproduction pouches are available now and the use of repro pouches is HIGHLY recommended. A set of repro pouches is your best bet as, with care, they will last for years and you won’t be trashing a part of history.

Patronentasche M.1909 front
M.1909 Patronentasche front
Koppel back view
M.1909 Patronentasche rear
M.1909 Patronentasche detail view
M.1909 Patronentasche detail view

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