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M.1887 Brotbeutel mit Riemen

(M.1887 Breadbag and Breadbag Strap)—The German Soldier wore the Brotbeutel on his right hip, suspended from the belt. This cotton duck bag holds toilet articles, the Feldmütze when not being worn, rations, and other necessities of life for the German soldier. There are several models of the breadbag, the basic ones will be described here. The Brotbeutel is made with a single piece of cloth for the front and back that was sewn together so it narrowed somewhat near the top.

The flap was then put on. The flap has a single “D”-ring near the top left side (A) and a leather tab near the bottom (B) which allows the Soldat to attach the Feldflasche to the breadbag. Three adjustable leather straps hold the flap and inside bag closed. The bag itself is divided into two compartments by the use of a piece of matching cloth. Two button-down belt loops are located at the upper edge near the corners of the breadbag and a metal belt hook riveted to a strip of the canvas material is attached to the top center.

Brotbeutel Riemen (Breadbag Strap)

Brotbeutel RiemenUnlike the WWII practice, the First World War German Soldat was not issued “Y” straps for his equipment waist belt. Instead the breadbag strap (Brotbeutelriemen), hooked to each cartridge pouch and passed under the collar and behind the neck to serve this purpose. German WWII issue breadbag Riemen are virtually identical to those used in the Great War, and as such, their use is allowed and encouraged.

What We Require

The breadbag must be of ochre or feldgrau color, with a single “D” ring and loop. WWII issue Brotbeutels are not acceptable. Other breadbags of similar but not identical construction are likewise unacceptable. Certain surplus breadbags may be converted to WWI appearance by making modifications (BGS and DDR). Check with your sponsor or the Kompagnieführer before buying a Brotbeutel.

*Do NOT pay someone $70. for a breadbag!!!

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