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Schanzzeug und Schanzzeugtasche

Infanterie Spaten(Entrenching Tool and Carrier)—As the Great War devolved into sustained trench warfare, the entrenching tool became more and more important. The Schanzzeug that the ordinary Infanterie Soldat carried was the short infantry shovel (Kleines Spaten für Infanterie). The Spaten had a straight handle with a ball shaped end. The blade was square shaped and usually had one edge sharpened which made it into a very deadly trench weapon.

One Soldat in 19 was issued with the Combination Pick-Axe (Beilpicke für Infanterie). Also issued were Wire-cutters (Drahtschere), Field Hatchet (Feldbeil für Infanterie), Pionier Saw (Pionier Faltsäge), long Pionier Shovel (Pionier Spaten) and Pionier Pick (Kreuzhacke).

Regulations said that each Kompagnie was to be issued 100 Kleines Spaten, 13 Beilpicke and 5 Kreuzhacke with covers. [The amounts of the other entrenching tools are not specified, but can be assumed to be on par with the Beilpicke.]

What We Require

Soldiers must have a proper M.1887 Infantry Shovel and its correct leather harness. Original Schanzzeuge are, of course, acceptable along with similarly constructed Swiss, French or other European entrenching tools. East German shovels are acceptable as long as they are of the type with the shovel blade riveted onto the head (as opposed to its being welded on). If you would like to carry one of the alternate entrenching tools, you must first get permission from your unit leader. All entrenching tools should be able to be used for the task they were designed.

Infanterie Spaten
Infanterie Spaten detail
Infanterie Spaten detail
Infanterie Spaten
Infanterie Spaten and Tasche
Infanterie Spaten and Tasche
Spaten types
  1. M.1874 Spaten
  2. M.1874 carrier
  3. M.1898/09 Spaten
  4. M.1909 Carrier

We'll be covering more of the Infanterie entrenching tools in detail later, but click on the thumbnail below to look at this art for a little info >>>

Infanterie E-Tools

Other Schanzeuge

Coming soon...

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