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Gewehr 98 mit Schulterriemen

(Rifle, Gewehr 98 Mauser with Sling)—The Gewehr 98 was the standard service weapon for the German Army during WWI and one which was familiar to all of Germany’s servicemen.

The Gew. 98 is an internal-magazine-fed, bolt-action rifle, with a capacity for five rounds of ammunition. The ammunition that the Gew. 98 is chambered for is the standard German 7.92 x 57mm round.

The Gewehr 98 is the service weapon of Inf.Rgt. 23. We’ve found no evidence to indicate that during WWI, line infantry soldiers in Inf.Rgt. 23 were ever issued with any weapon other than the standard Gewehr 98. As such, all members are REQUIRED to possess a proper Gew. 98. Each rifle will be complete with a sling, parade clip and cleaning rod. The Gew. 98 also must have the “Lange” type rear sight (called the “roller coaster” sight by collector dorks). We have MUCH more info about this in our unit Handbuch. :-)

Other Rifles

Now, after sounding all grim and hard-assed, some specialist troops often were armed with other rifles
(Kar 98AZ, Gew. 88) and as such, it will be permissible for them to carry such rifles. Ask before doing this, please!

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