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M.1910 Kochgeschirr u. Essbesteck

(M.1910 Mess Tin)—The M.1910 Kochgeschirr is a two piece pail (with a kidney shaped cross section) that fits and latches together. They were made of enameled steel, feldgrau painted steel or blackened aluminum. The top has a bail (handle) (A) attached to it that keeps the Kochgeschirr closed when it is folded over the bottom part. The bottom is deeper than the top and has a wire handle to carry it with. Some versions have notches stamped into the bottom part to hold the Eßbesteck (combination fork/spoon) to keep it from rattling around inside.


(Combination Spoon/Fork) — Each German Soldier was issued an Eßbesteck, a combination folding spoon/fork. This handy item is usually stored in between the lid and body of the Kochgeschirr. Either the more common tinned steel version or the early war versions in aluminum are acceptable.

M.1910 Kochgeschirr
Kochgeschirr with Essbesteck installed

What We Require

A 1930’s German political Kochgeschirr is identical to the WWI style and therefore is acceptable to use. Up until 1916, the large M.1867 tin Kochgeschirr was still in use. WWII, DDR, Swedish or Bundeswehr tins (which are several inches shorter than the WWI type) are totally unacceptable—just get a real Kochgeschirr or a Third Reich political messkit. Hessen Antique had made some workable repros, but is out of stock now. Don’t buy stuff you ain’t gonna be able to use!

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