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Model 1910 Vereinfachte (Simplified) Feldrock

(Also called the M.1914 Transitional Tunic by collectors and Volk)

Although the M.1915 „Bluse“ was supposed to replace the M.1910, it took some time for production to get going and in the meantime, cost-saving measures were begun by modifying the 1910 into what collectors call the “Transitional” tunic, a type widely manufactured in 1915–16. This was the first war-time change in the look of the German Army. This tunic has features of both the 1910 and the M.1915 „Bluse“. Some of the features that are normally found on a transitional tunic include turnback cuffs, exposed buttons, red piping on the front and collar, and no back scallops.


The epaulets (Achselklappen) shall be of the same shade as the tunic and piped in white (the Waffenfarbe for Infantry). The regimental number shall be ‘chain-stitched’ in red wool yarn on the epaulets; If the unit wore a cypher, it shall be done as the original. Also needed are two Kompagnie # buttons for the Achselklappen.

Note: Click on thumbnails below to view larger views of items.

Transitional Feldrock
Front View

Transitional Feldrock
Rear View

Transitional Feldrock
Inner View
Original IR23 Achselklappen
Original IR23 Achselklappen
(Later model with white piping and red slider)

Transitional Feldrock
collar detail

Rimmed Crown buttons
Saxon on left, Prussian on Right.
Take notice of different crowns

M.1907/10 Feldrock
Side Belt Hook

M.1907/10 Feldrock
Rear button hook
(called a "belt ramp" by collectors)

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