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(Neck Stock)—The Halsbinde was a particularly “German” invention which meant to protect the collar of the tunic from wear; not as is commonly thought, to prevent the collar from chafing the Soldat’s neck. The comfort of the Soldat was not considered to be particularly important; more so was the need to preserve the uniform Indeed, in many cases, the tunic lasted longer than the Soldat, as evidenced by the wartime re-issue of tunics of those soldiers who had died in hospitals.

The Halsbinde is worn tied around the neck. The left end is slipped through the slit and is tied underneath the flap.

*A note: you were not supposed to wear the Halsbinde tight, as it could cause you to pass out from overheating, etc. You are supposed to be able to slip 2 fingers in between it and your neck.

They are available in different sizes and lengths and should be grey-colored for wear with the field uniform. The Halsbinde worn with the work uniform was black, and some black/white and black/grey reversible types have been found.

<<<Original photo showing Halsbinde in wear. YES, you would always wear it. Don't make Doc K. angry.

Halsbinde laid flat
Halsbinde detail
Halsbinde like it would be on your neck
Halsbinde detail
Halsbinde details

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