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Finally, we have something up here to show the evolution of the German Army uniforms and equipment during the course of the Great War. With this section, you can look at the photos and get a good idea what the German Soldat would be wearing at different points in the war. Of course, this is not exhaustive and please remember, unlike American troops, Germans were not outfitted in a "cookie-cutter" fashion. Apples and oranges... really – deal with it.

In the Future

Over time, the goal will be to examine each of these items in detail. For know, please look these pages over and to learn more about an item, run your mouse over it -- for the most part, they all have captions and if you click on an item, it will usually take you to an explanation of that item.

Something Important!

People talk about "feldgrau" and colors. Read THIS article before you go listening to their bloviations. Try not to fall into the trap of listening to people who think the German Army was all uniform and identical. First, they were in a artime econom and footing. The German's had a mixture of uniform types and on top of this, there was no real uniformity of colour. Don't get all spooled up thinking all your stuff must match a certain pantone colour like some button-pissing stitch nazis will tell you. The more you study and read, the more you will see this.

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