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Original art of J.R. 23 Infanterie Fahne from Deutsches Soldatenjahrbuch 1983 (Nr. 31) by Helmut Damerau,
Schild Verlag.

The History of the Infantry Regiment von Winterfeldt (2nd Upper Silesian) Nr. 23” was published in 1913, on the occasion of the 100 year Jubilee of the regiment.

Now comes the continuation:

“The Regiment in the World War.”

A book higher and holier in reminiscences for all war comrades! This is a book of the loyalty of our Regiment, that in honor endured the World War, the most frightful of all wars that the earth has yet seen.

“Loyalty is the Essence of Honor!”

We, with the other valient troops of our field army, have borne Victory until deep in the enemies’ country; there deep in the enemies’ land we built a brazen rampart and protected the homeland, so that the dreadful fury of war could not intrude with robbery and devistation, fire and murder, with violence and disgraceful acts to man and wife!

That was only possible with the heaviest blood sacrifice; the best have sealed their loyalty and love for the Fatherland with their deaths.

Honor our Dead Heroes!

To their memory, the list of the Regiment’s lost is attached to the book. Unfortunately, the 2nd Company is incomplete; a grenade has in the end totally destroyed this important document.

The rivers of blood were not spilled for nothing! After four long years of fighting, in wearing out the far stronger Enemy, the Fatherland was compelled to accept defeat.

To Your Own Horror!

Our old, proven Regiment is no more! It has fallen victim to the insatiable vindictiveness of our enemies, who would like to degrade every German to defenselessness.

Still in our Winterfeldtern lives the hope of a rebirth of the Fatherland. You must not submit! A people that gives up the hope of a better future after a defeat, is lost, is dead. That can and must never be!

Germany Must Live!

It is so right for our Winterfeldter in these bad times, where there are there are works and powers that are Fatherlandless, where prominant people of that type loudly proclaim that “I know no Fatherland named Germany”, to hold the traditions of our former army, our old Regiment and love of the Fatherland high, and to indulge in loyal comradeship.

“Blood is stronger than Iron!”

That is the goal of this book.

Now, in the name of all of our comrades, I give my warmest thanks to the author of this work, Mr. Fiedel, Oblt. in II. (Jäger) Batl. 7 (Prussian) Inf. Regiment, which he dedicated himself to and has, with good fortune, finished. It is truthfully a large and difficult job!

A long time has past since the deeds of our regiment took place. Memories have portions fade or vanish; war diaries don’t reach some sections, particularly the first bloody and glorious time, where the Division first defeated the French in attack, and in those first weeks, scarcely spent one day without passing under enemy fire.

It is therefore very natural and clear that from those statements that the Author has collected, unclear or contradictory statements must be omitted.

Finally, the Regimental history commission had its last word. No one was preferred, and no one was wronged!

If anyone at present feels that they or any company was insufficiantly stressed in the in the war history, I would like to be the first to apologise.

In the same manner, so many brave deeds of single Unteroffiziers and men were not mentioned, because records of the undertaking were missing.

Every single deed, that so often cost the heart’s blood of the best, is, however, one piece of that bigger, completed picture:

“The Regiment in the World War!”
“Defend to the Last, Comrades!”
Graf v. Keller

Royal Prussian Oberst and Brigade Commander a.D.,
past Regimental Commander in the Field.

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