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Here are some articles (more coming) on the impression, where we come from and how to do stuff... read on young Padawan...

J.R. 23 Main page
Articles, Main
Der Mann unter dem Stahlhelm -- an article about the German Mann himself.
Appearance -- tips for improving one's appearance as a German soldier.
Oberschlesien -- an article from the Kriegsfahne, about the home area of the 23rd
Connections -- an article from the old newsletter of the 23rd, the Kriegsfahne
The First Person Impression -- an article about the Winterfeldter theory and practice of Living History
How to build a Persona -- an article about developing one's first-person impression.
Persona II; Acting out your Persona -- an article about putting the First-person into effect
Mannerisms and Cultural Traits of Germans in General
More Traits
General Cultural Heritage
German Language Links -- a small bit about learning the German language.
Original Manuals --The cover of Transfeldt's Service instruction for the German infantry, a manual from the Great War, one of many used in our research
Kokarden -- A view of a page of a manual, showing the different Cockades (Kokarden) for the different states, bayonet knots, and NCO ranks
Drill Information -- So you want to try drilling with your Mauser at home? A step by step through two of the basic commands of the drill manual
Maps of the Heimat -- Germany, 1914 showing the different German states in colors, Prussia is in Green. Silesia is in south-east Prussia, south and east of Berlin. Another map of Schlesien, the home area of J.R.23

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